Friday, September 05, 2008

What I Would Get With $500

So, the question was raised because dh got paid for something he had written off as never getting paid for.So he told me it was for me to get something for the girls and I. So I've been mulling it over. To be honest, we're pretty set here right now so it will probably go towards some stuff when we end up moving. I've found quite a few cute things I want for the playroom, girls' room and art studio when we manage to get them. But, here is my list:

2 easels from Ikea. I could get by with one, but since this is a wish list, I want two.
2 rolls of paper for said easels.
3 photo albums
Polaroid film (I have three cameras for Hanukah gifts so some more film would be nice.)
Water/sand table
Playdough tools (Actually, I'll be getting these so that I have a couple copies of their favorites for our Israel tip.)
Spray-on watercolors
because they look so cool.
And some dress-up stuff.