Sunday, March 01, 2009

We're Done

I've decided to stop using cloth diapers. We used disposables in Israel and since we came back, we've been using them at night. Then a couple day trips. Then a day here and there. I finally decided to just switch to sposies.

It all has to do with the laundry and I think that with one or even two in diapers I would have been fine. But washing a load every day plus two loads in one day once a week has grown old. Adding to the headache is the lovely toddler poop. Sometimes I can do my usual routine and it is great. More often lately has been wash after wash of hot water and finally tossing three or four diapers back in with the next load.

I had hoped to make it to potty learning and with Chaya so close I could probably push it and then be down to two in diapers, but I'm not going to. maybe I'll go back to cloth when Chaya potty learns. Maybe after two have. Maybe I'll go back in a week. Who knows? I can say that one way I know i'm making the right choice is because I don't have any guilt for giving up. You know, like when you exercise really well for a month and then stop. 

It is easy to say that I've done my share by going so long and now I get to rest, but that isn't it either. I just know me and know this is how it is going to be.

I suppose now I should get around to listing some things I know we won't be using to sell. Wow are these stash pictures out-of-date!