Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Eight Years Ago

Today is Aba's and my anniversary. Eight years ago we were sailing around Marina del Rey and enjoying the music and company of friends and family. It seems amazing to me that so much time has passed. Even more amazing is that almost half of that time was spent fighting infertility. What an absolute waste of time!
As we enter our ninth year together, I believe the time has come to refocus on our relationship.
The first half was focused on us despite the taint of our struggle to have a child. Then we were focused on the girls as you would expect. Now the girls are creeping closer to four and most of the things that held us back from hiring a sitter and heading out for a night have gone away.
In these last four years, Aba and I have grown a bit apart and when we get some time out we each head our separate ways. Our core values are still strong and together, but there has been a small shifting of interests and rearranging of the minor things in our lives.
I'm hoping that this year we will find a reliable sitter that they girls like so that Aba and I can get out a couple times a month. It had always been on our list of priorities, but seemed to slowly get pushed further and further down the list.
Since the family is battling a little cough-cold right now, we didn't go out or really do much for our anniversary. I do, however, have a bottle of champagne and will pick up a bottle of sparkling cider to enjoy with dessert on Shabbat.