Saturday, January 23, 2010

Overheard: The Shabbat Edition

The funniest things are said over Shabbat. I don't always remember all of them, but I made a point of remembering a couple choice selections from last night and today.

Shira: I have idea! Let's slide down the stairs on our butts! (Sounds of kids sliding down stairs.) I win! I win!

Chaya: I wanted to win!

Batya: I want to win!

Shira: Lets do it again. (Sounds of kids sliding down stairs.)

All: We all win!!! YAY!!!


Chaya (on the way to the bathroom): I don't need the ring. I know how to hold on and I won't fall into the toilet. I don't like to fall in the toilet so I hold on to the seat and don't fall in.

We get to the bathroom and there is no ring on the toilet. Chaya falls in. I laugh.

Chaya: That's not funny.